Shinjū Universe #1


Shinjū Universe #1 Director’s Cut is the digital exclusive edition. It includes the 16-pages of story along with 40 pages of bonus content. See the original pencil scans along with the untouched digital inks, character bios, and more!



Presenting TWO untold Tenjin tales!

It’s been three weeks since Nikati’s surprise attack on Christy Anders. Now that Christy has healed from her wounds, Augury is determined to discover the secrets of the attacker!

  • Written by Travis Stephens
  • Penciled by Angela Fernot

 The origin of Matt Kindle! After a long week of school and work, all Matt wants to do is spend the weekend playing video games. Unfortunately, fate has a different plan!

  • Written by Travis Stephens
  • Penciled by Juliano Silva


Cover by Alexandria Monik

Shinjū Universe #1 Cover by Alex Monik
Shinjū Universe #1 Cover by Alex Monik


It is a time of celebration.

Tenjin, along with Earth’s mightiest fighters, have won a major victory against the evil Scourge.

For her contributions during the fighting, Christy Anders has been promoted to a leadership position, becoming only the fourth woman to attain that title in Tenjin history.

But peace is always short-lived.

A new threat to the Tenjin way of life is on the horizon…


Who are the Tenjin?

The Ujikira?

What is Staci Brigitte’s (pictured, right) favorite fighting style?

Find out here, in the Shinjū Online Handbook!