Augury is a member of a Tenjin sect based out of  Pacific Estate located in Crawford, Colorado.


General Information


  • CODE NAME: Augury
  • REAL NAME: None
  • AGE: Unknown
  • PLACE OF BIRTH: Unknown
  • KNOWN RELATIVES:  None known
  • KNOWN CONFIDANTS: None known
  • BASE OF OPERATIONS: Pacific Estate, Crawford, Colorado


  • HEIGHT: 5’9″
  • WEIGHT: 160 lbs
  • EYES: White
  • HAIR: None
  • OTHER DISTINGUISHING FEATURES: Augury was born without her right hand.


  • STRENGTH: Normal
  • SPECIAL SKILLS AND ABILITIES: Fluent in ancient Tenjin
  • SUPERHUMAN MENTAL POWERS: Precognition and clairvoyance
  • SPECIAL LIMITATIONS: Visions of the future are limited by the potential severity
  • SOURCE OF SUPERHUMAN POWERS: Divine blessing from Ten’ja



Augury was born in Victoria, Mahé, an island located off the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. While growing up there, her ability to see glimpses of the future began to manifest.

At first, her parents believed Augury simply had faster reflexes than other kids and had an uncanny ability to win at rock paper scissors. Then at age 9, while Augury was watching a football match with her father, she began to celebrate goals seconds before they happened.

Not long after, Augury’s father began utilizing her abilities for financial gain. Understanding that it would be suspicious if he never lost, he sometimes lost more times than he won. That was not enough to keep suspicion at bay, though. After only a year, the family was forced to flee the island.

After two years of moving around Eastern African countries, a Tenjin Chizan came upon the family. He had heard the tales of a child that had the ability to see both the past and future and wanted to invite them back to the Tenjin home of Arabasutā. The family would be safe and Augury could get the training she needed to control and focus her visions.

Augury’s family readily agreed to send her to the island but declined to go with her, opting instead to go back to their home on Mahé.

Finding herself alone at the age of 12, Augury threw herself into her studies. Augury isolated herself in the libraries, absorbing the histories and knowledge left behind by Tenjin scholars.

After only a few years, Augury found herself taking the Unifailia. Upon her successful completion of The Trials, Augury was sent to guide a new Tenjin team located in Crawford, Colorado, USA.

Not long after arriving at Pacific Estate, Augury began to have visions she believed to come directly from Ten’ja herself. Augury believed these were messages sent directly from the past and laid out a path to reunite the Tenjin faithful with Ten’ja.

Over the next 40 years, Augury spent much of her time reading the ancient text, looking for passages that held fragments and clues for how to bring about the unification.


With Christy Anders set to take the Unifailia, Augury feels certain that she has finally found The One that will unite the Tenjin faithful and restore peace to the splintered factions.


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